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VY2 Yuma ★ Madara Cult ★ - VOCALOID Live Action

VY2 Yuma ★ Madara Cult ★ - VOCALOID Live Action

WARNING! The video contains violence and disturbing imagery, however it was made for artistic purposes only. For more of the latest news from our group , visit our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UNINST... Or follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/uninstall404 Welcome back to our channel! ^^ Our new long awaited video is finally out ^^. We are aware that the original song has it's own backstory, however we made one of our own up ^^ What we refer to as "Madara Cult" is a row of rituals VY2 performs to send the souls of those who harmed him in the past life back to Hell to suffer for the whole eternity. The "sleeping pills" he uses are associated with Kaito's words said right before he took Miku's life claiming that "she's only going to sleep". "Since the lyrics of this song are really abstract, it seemed perfect to illustrate my view of the blue haired samurai version of VY2 and Snow Miku's relationship and history. On top of it all, the fact that VY2 has so many "faces" allowed me to give him the double personality which is what I love in stories so much xD" ~Marynchan~ This video is the first of our new two-part series. You can watch the second part here ^^: https://youtu.be/LL6neY7QZ0k A huge thanks to all who participated in this long project. The release of these videos has been delayed several times due to a bunch of reasons, mainly, capturing snow on tape was a big issue and then... life happened XD However, we're back on track again! ^^ Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you all back on air! ^___~ We do not own the song nor the VOCALOID, but the video is ours XD
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