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"【Kagamine Len V4X】ボーカロイドボサノバメドレー/ Bossa Nova Medley Vocaloid 4 Cover" の動画はこちら


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【Kagamine Len V4X】ボーカロイドボサノバメドレー/ Bossa Nova Medley Vocaloid 4 Cover

【Kagamine Len V4X】ボーカロイドボサノバメドレー/ Bossa Nova Medley Vocaloid 4 Cover

Original Vocal:Hatsune Miku Vocal Used Kagamine Len V4X Cold Original:kahimi Official Channel -製作者- Arrangement /kahimi @kahimi_zazie →https://twitter.com/kahimi_zazie Illustration /すや @sousakusuya →http://suyazzz.tumblr.com/ Movie /K-09 @Curry_kuu Miku's Edit /METAx @hory_booteh Ust:Zoë/half a head Vsqx,Timing,Tunning & Mixing:Me well len finally gets a spotlight in the channel i haven't used him for so much time i hope that he sounds good here and this is a Lilac Gemini bueno len finalmente obtiene su momento de brillar en el canal no lo eh usado en mucho tiempo espero que el suene bien a aquí y este es un pedido de lilar gemini Next Uploads: Setsugetsuka A Feeling Of Ruin And Ecstasy (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Association Actress Hunter And Beast (Cyber Queen) Corrupted Flower (Past Rana Official Channel) Hello, Again (Almnd La Persona) Ama No Jaku (Lee Grace) Daughter Of White (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Shinitai Chan (Tsunderi miku) Erase or Zero (Lee Grace) Drug Of Gold(Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Solitary Envy(Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Colorful x Melody (CakeLake Gandy) Streaming Heart (egg) Inokori Sensei (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Handbeat Clocktower (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Crazy Town (Izumi Akari) ItsuMademo (Izumi Akari) Chrono Story (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Overdrive Dance Club (Panda Crazy) Suki Kirai (Tommy Otaku) Muzzle Of Nemesis (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) The Journey of Two Mages (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Judgement of Corruption (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Suki Kirai (Cyber Queen) Suicide Song (demon223) Re: Birthed (Milky -Mint) Unmei Gokko (Milky -Mint) The Princess Who Brought Sleep (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Fifth The Pierrot (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) The 13th apocalypse (Past Person) Cendrillon 10th anniversary (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Sticky Bug (Magically Penned Productions) Boom Boom Boom (CakeLake Gandy) Seven Crimes And Punishments (CakeLake Gandy) Miniature Garden Girl (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Lovelessxxx (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Banica’s Concerto (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Cendrillon 10th anniversary (Yuula 67) The 13th Apocalypse (Yuula 67) I=Fantasy with Rin (Cyber Queen) Jekyll and Hyde (Cyber Queen) Tokyo Teddy Bear (Cyber Queen) Suki Kirai (Cyber Queen) The Portrait That Glassred Drew (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Swear an Oath on That Bridge (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Madness of Duke Venomania (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) I Want To Be a Princess! (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Queen Of Glass (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Nice To Meet You Mr Earthling (Profesor Pokemon) Fighter (Profesor Pokemon) Fantastic Baby (Profesor Pokemon) 7/8 (Izumi Akari) Song Of Words (Me Meow) Cur Ergo (Me Meow) Crescent Moon (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Dancing Samurai (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Leave in Summer yet You're in my Fluffoughts (CakeLake Gandy) Lemon (Cyber Queen) Cendrillon 10th Anniversary (Nastya Chan) Xin Chan Now(Rin Chan Now) (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Senorita Wil & Rin and Len & Maika (Cyber Queen) The Butterfly, Flower and Spider (CakeLake Gandy) thank you for requesting something with meiko [A]ddiction (Cyber Queen) Minature Garden Girl (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Suki Kirai (Cyber Queen) Witch Hunt (Cyber Queen) Ohedo Julia Night (Cyber Queen) Ohedo Julia Night (Cyber Queen) Ladies First (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Jekyll And Hyde (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Anti The ∞ Holic (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Vampire Phatos (Izumi Akari) Happy Synthesizer (Izumi Akari) 10th Cendrillon Anniversary (Past Person) Magnet (Past Person) Corrupted Flower (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Swaying From Season To Season (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Positi-bu vs. Negati-bu (Me Meow) cLick cRack (Me Meow) Drop Pop Candy (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Opening (spitandcoffee) Cendrillon 10th Anniversary (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) One Eye's Monologue (tsumugilovemail) Monops' Confession (tsumugilovemail) One Eyed Ripper Murder Case (tsumugilovemail) Donut Hole (Pickled Thyme) Len-Kun Now! (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Cendrillon 10th anniversary ver (Raposita Kawai) Tsugai Kogarashi (Raposita Kawai) Fire Flower (Raposita Kawai) Kimi ni (Raposita Kawai) Shake It! (Raposita Kawai) World's end Dancehall .(Raposita Kawai) Re Birthday (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Secret Time After School (Vocaloid Master 3.0) (request list closed no longer accepting requests) (lista de pedidos cerrada ya no se esta aceptando pedidos) Delayed Uploads (this happens when i don t found a vsqx,midi,vsq or ust or in the case the off vocal or instrumental/esto pasa cuando no encuentro un vsqx,midi,vsq o ust o en otro caso el off vocal o instrumental) The Letter She Kept Waiting For (Everyone's Favorite Jackass) Next Chorus World's End Dancehall (Me Meow) Babylon Team Idol (tsumugilovemail) Luka Luka Night Fever (Team Idol Chorus)
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