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『Mille Doudou』HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNKII!!! / IA - Conqueror 『歌ってみた』

『Mille Doudou』HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNKII!!! / IA - Conqueror 『歌ってみた』

Headphones are your friendo Sunday, August 4th, 2019 Doto made a proposal to Millhouse... they asked for her hand in marriage. SIKEEEEE, not for marriage but for this HBD duet cover of Conqueror (which is obviously spelled caw-nqueror) for unkii (kii chan)! Yeah idk how I came up with the marriage part, I'm sleepy as hell sorry LOL Monday, August 5th, 2019 Someone stop Millhouse because she's so speedy at recording her lines! What took me hours seemed like a couple eye blinks for her!! P.S. I burped in the prechorus, wish I kept it in. Also, timing can kiss my circadian rhythm goodbye. No joke, timing lines fucked up my circadian rhythm and now it wants nothing to do with 'em. UNDERSTANDABLE (I guess you can say they don't have TIME for them anymore, HA!! HA ha?) Tuesday, August 6th 2019 Going hammu on the harmus and ad libidos? Hm? Libidos? Libidotos? Wouldn't want them around HAHAH.. I need sleep Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 Slack day LOL, I scheduled Wed as mixing day but I was too exhausted from pulling late nights for the past few days so I knocked out early. Felt good to get back the hours of sleep I lost Thursday, August 8th, 2019 Holyyyy rolyyy poliessss, our today was unkii's birthday already as she's a day ahead!!! We were rushing full steam ahead!! Speaking of steam, mixing is like ironing clothes, you can't really rush either otherwise the mix will end up sounding eh, and your clothes will gain new creases and/or still have wrinkles. Gotta mix and iron with patience for optimal results- IS MY EXCUSE FOR NOT UPLOADING ON TIME. WE'RE SO SORRY UNKII!!! WE REALLY TRIED OUR BEST, BUT I WAS REALLY PICKY ABOUT THE MIX AND HAD VIDEO RENDERING PROBLEMS.......... still holding a grudge for AE. It held my video hostage for who knows how long 8'( Ugggh, I really wanted to upload this in time, at least before midnight struck, but that's too late now... and this is why it seemed like I ghosted off the face of Earth again hahhaha. We were doing this in secret, I bet you didn't expect anything did you! Albeit not making it in time for your bday in YOUR time zone, we still made it for ours?! I still don't understand why birthdays don't officially last for two days, it makes sense because of the time zones LOL. Anyways! I hope you enjoy our hbd duet for you unkii 8)))) I wanted this to be an empowering? hbd cover so I changed up the lyrics a bit! I think it works quite well tbh hahahha (especially the following kii parts, it's like this cover was meant to happen lolol). You should be asleep by now! I hope you have a pleasant wake up upon seeing this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY/HBBD TO MY DEAREST FUNKY UNKII! Always know that you can cawnquer anything if you believe you can! We're all cawnquerors on our birthdays LOL PLEASE GO WISH THEM A HBD/HBBD! And Baby, won't you follow Kii? hahahahah https://twitter.com/xKiraNyan https://www.youtube.com/starryfrontier Credits Original Music, Lyrics:Sendra Original sung by IA:https://bit.ly/2ThoOVD Instrumental:Anh Duy (https://bit.ly/2MazCUK) Check out their Kasane Teto cover of conqueror!! It's so good https://bit.ly/2Ti3oaG Vocal/Art/Tune:Mille (https://bit.ly/2DWvIK2) Twitter:https://twitter.com/Mille_zilla KUDOS TO MILLHOUSE FOR ACCEPTING THIS DUET WITH ME DESPITE HAVING OTHER ONGOING PROJECTS OF HER OWN!! She even drew the art for this video, I can't thank her enough 8')) WE DID IT MILLHOUSEEEE. We didn't make it before midnight but we finisheddddd. I still need to sleep LOL, but I have to wait for the video to upload... Vocal/Mix/Video:*stares straight into your eyes* Disclaimer Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. If you're wondering how I came up with Mille Doudou as our duo name (lol mille duo), it was a quick Google search of Mille Doto LOL and Google being the smartass- smart search engine, it mistook Mille Doto as a typo for Mille Doudou, which, GET THIS, IS FRENCH MEANING A THOUSAND BLANKIES/STUFFED TOYS/ANIMALS!! It was then, that I instantly knew, Mille Doudou had to become our name!! It was the cutest find and translation! Mille for a thousand and Doudou for comfort blanket/stuffed toys... tell me that isn't just adorable LOL. And plus, I have a particular affinity for doudous! I have two precious childhood doudous (stuffed animals in my case) I still keep with me. And I also like how doudou can be a pun for Dodos, which has been a nick of mine from the beginning 8'). As of today, Mille Doudou is the established name for our duo group! NOW UNKII, WE NEED A NAME FOR US TOO LOL
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